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In the cottage, a comprehensive guide will help you discover the Charente. Gerard and Annette will be happy

advise you to discover unusual places of this beautiful region.

A La Rochette and its surroundings:

- L'Eglise de la Rochette (XI and XII th centuries)

- The Chateau de la Rochette

- The tennis court and petanque La Rochette.

- The Agris riding center (5km).

- The fishing on our river Tardoire (2km).

- Many hiking or biking in the forest of

Braconne (5000 hectares).

A little further ....

- An outdoor swimming pool in La Rochefoucauld (10km).

- An indoor swimming pool Chasseneuil (14km).

- An aquatic center lake of St Yriex (25km).

- A golf Angouleme (25km).

- The Futuroscope is 110km, or 1 hour 23 minutes.

To enjoy it,

we offer bicycle rental.


1- Ruffecois

The Ruffécois

Between Poitiers and Angouleme, Country Ruffecois invites you to stroll and explore.

Off the beaten path, let us guide you to the Charente and its tributaries (the Péruse, Bell Sound, Argentor and Osme), places for fishing, canoeing, swimming, and even tree climbing .

Throughout history has left its mark: the curious play and go visit the megaliths of Boixe, the Embourie Gallo-Roman cemetery or to the Knights Ruled site. Marvel at the Romanesque churches of Licheres, Courcôme or Ruffec Abbey St Amant de Boixe, castles Verteuil or Bayers, the dungeon of Montignac ...

And how can you remain indifferent to the charm of unspoilt villages Tusson, Nanteuil en Vallée?

Country Ruffecois offers many activities and discovery trails where man and nature have made the happiest of marriages.


. Barbezières (castle of the fifteenth s)

. Bayers (castle XII and XV s)

. Cellettes (domain Echoisy)

. Courcôme (XI and XII church s)

. Embourie (Gallo-Roman site)

. Fontenille (dolmens)

. Ruled (medieval cemetery with graves and Hosanna Cross)

. Montignac (ruins of Guillaume Taillefer)

. Paizay Naudouin (Castle Saveille XV and XVI s)

. Saint Amant de Boixe (s Abbey XI and XII, the largest after the Charente Angoulême Cathedral)

. Tusson (protected for the quality of its architecture village, museum of art and popular traditions)

. Verteuil (town dominated by its castle)

. Vervant (necropolis dating from the IVth millennium BC)

. Villefagnan (art and popular traditions conservatory, Moulin des Pierres Blanches)

2- Charente Limousine

3- Sud Charente

4- Ouest Charente

5- Horte et Tardoire

6- Angoumois

La Rochefoucauld Castle

Charente Limousine

Welcome to Charente Limousine between countries of the Atlantic and the mountains of Limousin. Away from the cities, the country leads us to a tourism "true nature".

Of towns in villages, roads, paths and trails invite you to hiking and horseback riding, cycling and mountain biking or water activities to discover the hedgerow country, hills and woodlands where winding rivers, streams and rivulets .

History has left its mark: Chassenon Gallic market and Gallo-Roman religious complex, the Château de Saint Germain de Confolens witness feudal struggles, Castles Rochebrune Peyras, Nieuil ... the priory Chatelars .. ., including the international folklore festival Confolens, the music festival Vitrac Saint Vincent and the lakes of Haute Charente, gourmet steps.

A beautiful area that offers a host of many excursion destinations and quality products.


. Brigueuil (fortified village)

. Cellefrouin (Abbey Church of the eleventh s lantern of the dead)

. Chasseneuil on Bonnieure (Memorial house and resistance)

. Chassenon (Gallo-Roman Baths: rural sanctuary second century)

. Confolens (Medieval town at the confluence of the Vienne and Goire)

. Esse (typical Village and Museum)

. Etagnac (Castle Rochebrune)

. Lakes High Charente

. Lesterps (Abbey church with bell tower Heritage House)

. Roumazières-Loubert (Castle Peyras)

. St Germain de Confolens (Village on the edge of Vienna and its castle built on a promontory).


Close to the Perigord, Charente offers unspoilt countryside.

In this region crossed by the road to Saint Jacques de Compostela, you can admire the impressive Romanesque churches intricately decorated.

And those Plassac, Barret, Aubeterre Chalais Péreuil or Berneuil.

Another feature of these churches refer to medieval paintings Berneuil, Blanzac Cressac Nonac, Poullignac.

Its hills are home to pleasant villages such as that of Aubeterre, ranked among the most beautiful in France.

Place for dreamers, he seduced Alfred de Vigny, Maine Giraud, composed some of his work.

The Charente has kept many witnesses vestiges of its rich history: castles Montmoreau Barbezieux and Chalais, house and manor ...


. Aignes and Puypéroux (Abbey of St Gilles eleventh and twelfth s)

. Aubeterre (ranked among the most beautiful villages in France, guided tour of the monolith called underground church, village tour - St Jacques church, convents, alleys ... - summer concerts "musical nights")

. Barbezieux (castle of the fifteenth century)

. Blanzac (Saint Arthémy church with frescoes - XII to XIX s)

. Chalais (guided tour of the castle of Talleyrand-Perigord, the church and cloister)

. Champagne Vigny (Maine Giraud remains of Alfred de Vigny)

. Cressac (temple chapel with frescoes of the twelfth s)

. Montmoreau (St Denis Church)

. Plassac Rouffiac (Church St Cybard)

. La Chapelle Saint Aulais (church Conzac)

West Charente

On the Charente with clear water, "barges" replaced the barges.

Almost as sunny Côte d'Azur, the wonderful blue sky skated stones Romanesque churches Earth.

Already prehistoric man liked the sweetness of the country nearer to us largely the Romans left their mark: they brought the vine, we owe them the names of our villages and the stunning architecture of the Saintonge farms court closed and richly carved porch.

Tourists during your hikes in the heart of the vineyards, step, visit its wineries and distilleries of cognac.

West Charente also offers sports and cultural activities, golf, swimming, horse riding, mini-cruises, concerts.

The resident offers the warmest welcome to enjoy the famous Pineau and brandy for cognac.


. Assac (Abbey XI, XII and XIII s)

. Bourg Charente (church with frescoes of the thirteenth s)

. Bouteville (remains of the fortress and twelfth s ruins of the castle of the seventeenth s)

. Châteauneuf (St. Peter's Church)

. Cherves Richemont (Castle Chesnel seventeenth s Church St Vivien)

. Cognac (old city gate bridge, Castle, Church of St. Leger, Convent of the Recollects, museum, visit cognac distillery and cellars)

. Jarnac (visit cognac distillery and cellars, donation François Mitterrand)

. Marcillac Lanville (former Priory Notre Dame)

. Rouillac (visit cognac distillery and cellars)

. Born on the Fort St. (the largest dolmen Charente)

. Saint Simeux (mill site)

. Salles d'Angles (museum of rural life in the nineteenth)


The borders of the Dordogne and the Horte Tardoire is the most wooded part of the department.

Large forests are a paradise for hunters. Mysterious, they recellent countless caves and pits that attract cavers.

Its rivers are lost in calcareous soils in sinkholes to reappear in resurgences that intrigue scholars and curious.

Mecca of prehistory, it is home to caves and deposits have been inhabited long ago.

Many attractions offer everyone, as many goals for a nice walk: La Rochefoucauld and its castle, Villebois Lavalette and its fortifications, castles and Montbron, Feuillade, The Guards Pontaroux or La Rochette and Romanesque churches, valleys The Tardoire bandiat and dotted with mills and forges.


. Agris (graves in the forest Braconne)

. Charming (XII church s)

. La Rochette (XI century church)

. Chavenat (X and XII church s)

. Chazelles (caves Queroy)

. Edon Church (XI, XII and XIII s)

. Garat (Romanesque church overlooking the site of the castle of Tranchade)

. Guards Pontaroux (Church of XII and XV s)

. Grassac (church Korssoun pure Russian Byzantine style)

. La Rochefoucauld (castle, bridge, village, monastery, church Saint Cybard. Jardin St Florent)

. Marthon (s twelfth dungeon, tower Breuil)

. Montbron (many castles, caves Montgaudier, mills on Tardoire)

. Villebois Lavalette (XVIIth century castle with walls of thirteenth s picturesque town halls with the XVII)


Between Atlantic and Limousin, Angoumois, has a civil, religious and industrial heritage to the extent of its rich history.

In the upper town are the main buildings: St Peter's Cathedral, the former count's castle, the Hotel St Simon. The nearby church of St Michel, the castles of Balzac, Oisellerie or Fleurac, the ruins of the Abbey of La Couronne are many goals for a nice walk.

The quality of many rivers has promoted the development of the paper industry. Two mills in Puymoyen Nersac and perpetuate traditional master the skill.

If the athlete enjoy the water of Saint Yrieix or hiking trails in forests, the curious will not miss a visit to the sources of the Touvre and the Valley of Eaux Claires.

The gourmet meanwhile prefer a visit to the chocolate factory of Trois Palis.


. Angouleme: Ramparts Walk, St Peter's Cathedral (XII s), Hotel St-Simon Workshop paper museum, ride on the Charente River, the CNBDI, various museums, Magelis Images pole, circuit painted walls, the Halles, the church of St. Andrew, the theater, the port Houmeau, boat Angoumois ...

. Château Jean-Louis Guez de Balzac reformer of the French language.

. Brie: the great Fosse.

. Crown: the ruins of the old abbey.

. Magnac on Touvre: sources of Touvre

. Mouthiers on Boëme: Magdalenian frieze

. Nersac: Mill Fleurac.

. Puymoyen: Orchard mill (paper craft), Valley of the clear waters.

. St Michel Entraigues octagonal Romanesque church of the twelfth


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